HI + Updates

I’ve been away for a year i think? but i’m finally back and it feels great! I won’t go into further explanations why I’ve been away for such a long time but omg it feels great to encode this. It feels new.

As you can see, I renovated my blog! It was too pink and it irritates me. I guess I’ve changed, huh? Anyway, I wanted a more simple and clean blog so I settled with this. I’m not yet done though. I might add a few details once in a while. If you have any recommendations, comment down below!

I’m also planning to post a book review next week! I haven’t been writing reviews for a year and I’m so pumped to do it! Currently, it’s 1 am here in the Philippines and I’m still so energetic haha. To be honest, I have a lot of assignments and quizzes to study (moving quiz to be exact) for but I decided to post here instead. I actually miss it here 🙂

Life has been a wild roller coaster ride, no exaggeration. Personal stuff. There was a lot of bad times but of course, there was also good times. Also, I’m finally a GRADE 10 STUDENT!! I started this blog when I was an upcoming grade 8 student. I stopped posting when I was in year 9. I feel so old! I’m just going to include a bit of picture here with my face shown ( some of you might see it for the first time since I always cover it with books ).


I just snapped my personal instagram account here.

19059525_1453389938072339_3156379784428087324_n19149373_796076680568955_9147368873290316224_n (1)






A picture taken earlier (right) and a portrait of me for our school picture/requirement(left) I look so small and young haha (left)

That’s a wrap! I look forward to posting more here even if I have a tight schedule haha XD




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