When I was a cute and fabulous kid before (*flips hair*) I DON’T READ BOOKS.



I hated books before. Not too much hate but probably 80% hate. I love watching movies but reading books? Nah. Infact, I’ve watched movies before like “Sister of the Travelling Pants” and didn’t even know that it was a book. I always thought that movies are better than books. I don’t know but maybe because when they say books all I could think are those big and bulky educational books like dictionaries and encyclopedias. We even don’t have a bookshelf before. We just use a box as an storage for books( thin storybooks, little book of poems, and my mom’s books all about her course before-computer science).


Then, when I was a Grade 4 student my classmates influenced me to read those romance novels on Wattpad. Although my phone was not capable of downloading wattpad (Maybe it was still a website before?) I read it in ebook format or pdf. Heck, I even read it on my dad’s phone and my instinct said that maybe I’d get caught but I didn’t listen.

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One night, while I was reading , my dad snatched his phone and saw what I was doing. I was scolded because reading romance books are still not allowed for me, that I was still young. I was in the part of the book where there was a lot of cussing because there was a misunderstanding and my dad read it and it made him madder.

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So I stopped reading for 3 months. 3 MONTHS. BUT I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE and so I read again but this time in my phone, but my dad caught me reading and scolded me AGAIN (dun dun dun). He said that I should read those educational books so that I can learn something and not fcking love stories ( well my dad didn’t say fcking but I wanna add it meheheh and also english is not my native language and my dad only speaks english if needed ).


I read If I stay last January 2015 ( or December 2015? I tend to forget easily ) but I did not enjoy it, I thought it was really boring. Maybe because I don’t read much books by international authors. Last year, May 2015 to be exact. I was bored and decided to turn on the television, there was a movie  titled City of Bones and turned out that I enjoyed it.THANK YOU STAR MOVIES, I WILL LOVE YOUR CHANNEL FOREVER. So I searched all about the movie and the cast, and found out that it was a book adaptation.

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I immediately downloaded the pdf format of it and started reading. I didn’t even noticed that I already finished reading it and found out that it was different from the book.  After that incident ( tragedy is harsher word eh ) I found myself searching a bunch of book related stuff. I started to create a bookstagram and goodreads, later on this blog. So, City of Bones is the reason why I started reading and adoring  MORE books.

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( Yes, I watched Gone Girl but didn’t read the book. I’M HORRIBLE.)


Through my journey, I encountered  new perspective *plays P!ATD*. I began to notice those things that I didn’t notice before.  Even small things. I found friends (or internet friends, it doesn’t matter because they’re still my friends and you too reading this post) that has the same interest with books. I learned how to save hard just to buy books. I learned how to think what’s more important or what are my priorities. I became more happy. With the help of books I survived all those bullshits in life, because books taught us that everyone has a happy ending (and if you still don’t have a happy ending it means that you’re story is still ongoing). I never regretted my decision to join this community. Although starting out was a bit hard it was all worth it.

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So hey you reading this post, how did you became a booknerd?

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  1. I love this post!
    I guess you just needed a right book at the right time.
    And don’t worry, I watched Gone Girl and never read the book.
    In fact, I still do sometimes think that some movies are better then books and guess what – I like to see the movie before I read the book.

    As for me, I guess I always loved reading and I had some months in my life when I read a lot and some when I was too bussy partying and didn’t read at all.
    After my car accident I spent a lot of time in bed, unable to walk so I read a lot, discovered VA, ya genre (I read only adult fiction before that) and then discovered Goodreads and became a reader that I am now.
    For about two years I read only ya genre but now I read adult more but I still read ya, sometimes even middle grade.

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    1. Thank you! I’m intimidated to read Gone Girl because it may be boring ( At first, I was bored of the movie) I agree! Sometimes movies are just better than books. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I love the movie version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone than the movie 😡

      Liked by 1 person

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