UPDATE: Yes people-I’m still alive

I’M BACK! *laughs wickedly*

Did you miss me guys? I know you do *wiggles eyebrows* OKAY I NEED TO STOP. Yes, I’ve been away for 2 weeks? 3 weeks? And I feel horrible for not posting here. Life’s been so busy and you know that I’m a procrastinator so I don’t have time to post anything. All I think is “I need to post a review for this book!” “Oh my god today’s the blog tour! I forgot to post!” and more.  Then one day a question hit me. “Why do most of my posts are all about reviews and blog tours?” I know you will all answer that (or probably not>) “Of course it’s a book blog. DUH.” But I felt like I need to post more (but not much) tags, some bookish opinions or discussions, facts and some random stuffs. But the problem is I don’t know how. Everytime I try to post topics like this I end up erasing or deleting all of it and decides to post a review instead.

So here’s an explanation for what happened with me during that 2 or 3 weeks.

  • I have a super lazy ass. I always plan what to do for the next days, weeks, or months but I end up not following or doing it. All I do is spend my time listening to music, goodreads, instagram-ing, and searching random things.
  • Then boom! My dad dint pay for the monthly fee of our Wifi because he said that we always spend our time with gadjets and we need to take a break, and we also need to focus more with our studies. (Our because me and bro)
  • I’ve been to reading slumps lately. I sometimes don’t read a book for a day. Hell, even a week. I always force myself to read but end up not absorbing what I read. IT’S HORRIBLE MIND YOU.
  • Which brings to the question . . . WHY DO I FORCE MYSELF TO READ? Because I have a LOT of ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copy), books/e-books sent by authors, and  ebooks for blog tours. When I was new to blogging all I do is request ebooks from netgalley and everytime someone emails and asks if me I want to review this book blah blah, I say YES. ALWAYS.  I’m really stupid I know *punches my face* I don’t know If I’m the only one who experienced this but everytime I saw a bookstagrammer or blogger that  they have this book sent by an author I feel a pang of jealousy. ( PLEASE TELL ME I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE )Especially when I was still new, like I said. But now I realized why am I jealous? I don’t need to. Now, I’m reading all these books I acquired or requested. So please if you’re also new to blogging PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. I feel like it’s a chore reading the books I acquired. So maybe everytime you see a new blog post from me there’s always: “I Received this books from blah blah in exchange for an honest review.” Maybe your all annoyed by these posts and I’m truly sorry. My main goal for this year is to read these books and posts reviews after so that I can finally read what I want.
  • C. H. O. O. L. School is also the reason why I haven’t been posting. We just finished our exams last March 7 and 8 (Monday and Tuesday). I’ve been studying hard because this is the final grading period or quarter and I need a high grade or I’ll be eliminated. If you’re wondering I’m , I’m a grade 8 student.
  • I don’t have any inspiration or motivation to do this and that. (I sometimes use celebrities or my idols as my inspiration *heart eyes*.) All I think is “Nah, I don’t like this post” then presses delete or erase. STORY OF MY LIFE.
  • I sometimes find it hard to balance reading, blogging, bookstagram-ing, school and my social life. Yes, I still have a social life eventhough I spend my time reading books and listening to bands.



So that’s it for this post,eh? I finally explained why I haven’t been here for a while. *wipes sweat from my forehead*. If you have any cure for these diseases then comment down below. If you also have a blog post idea or you wanna recommend please please comment down because I suck at it. THANK YOU FOR READING MY LIFE/READING UPDATE? I don’t really know what to name with this post. (btw I know this sucks)




5 Replies to “UPDATE: Yes people-I’m still alive”

  1. I have tons of eARCS from Netgalley as well. It was pretty fun requesting those titles but when these books get piled, it’s like another obligation. (So I guess we both learned our lessons haha 😂)

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