TITLE: Bending Nature: A new kind of vampire novel

AUTHOR:Samantha Stone

GENRE:Vampires, Young Adult

FORMAT: Kindle

PAGES: 247 pages


PUBLISHED: November 21, 2015

PUBLISHER: Big Ideas Publishing

Amazon | Goodreads



Julie Sparks thinks life as a teen is difficult, but she didn’t realize just how bizarre life would be once three men in Armani suits storm into the museum where she works and try to steal Michael, a famous, winged statue. When one of the men starts to hurt Julie, the statue breaks apart, revealing a beautiful, pale teen. He rips them apart.

Despite how terrified Julie was with how easily Michael killed those men, she falls for his charm and beauty. More men come for Michael. The mystery turns into conspiracy. Julie is in too deep now. She must do everything in her power to not only save her friends and family, but the whole world.

“Set some time aside because you will not be able to put this one down”



*I received a free ebook copy from the author and Big Ideas Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review.*

I’m a sucker when it comes to vampire books so of course I need to request for this one. When my request was accepted, I was so happy but the book was okay. I did not like it as much as I expected or hate it.

Julie Sparks works on a museum. Since she got the job she found herself attracted to Michael, not only her but also a lot of girls. Michael is a famous winged statue. Julie is comfortable with Michael and she always talks to him. She thinks she’s inlove with a statue. Yes, call her insane but that’s how she feel. Her simple life changed when three man in suit stormed into the museum and tries to steal Michael but of course she did not let them. One of them starts to hurt Julie, then the statue breaks revealing a pale, beautiful, hot guy.

I’m trying out this kind of review because it’s easy to use and detail my positive and negative thoughts.

+ The writing style was easy to like. You can clearly understand each paragraphs not like with the other books that includes a lot of deep words. It’s like they always have a dictionary beside them.

+ A unique vampire. This is my first time meeting ( well technically reading but whatever ) a vampire with wings! AMAZAYN! ( see what i did there? hahaha) Michael also have the “powers” which other vampire have.

+ Cliffhangers. I love the idea how Samantha Stone always makes the ending of each chapter a cliffhanger.That’s why I can’t stop reading it. I CAN”T PUT IT DOWNNN.

Fcking insta-love. Oh great, another YA with an insta-love *insert saracsm*. Since Michael left the museum he always follow Julie wherever she goes. While Julie’s asleep, Michael was in her room. Of course it’s your typical vampire guy. And our Julie here is also fcking inlove with Michael. AWESOME! *rolls eyes*. Sometimes it’s cute and adorable then it turned so much adorable that it hella annoys me.

giphy (12).gif

Everything happens so fast. Well, i like books that are fast-paced but not like this. Your not even halfway through the book, an action finally happens.

And I just noticed that the cover of this book is similar with Puddle Jumping except for the color, but nevertheless this was a fun vampire read!



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