november book haul

I didn’t bought a lot of books but I’m planning to buy more books this December since it’s Christmas ( If my parents will agree). So here’s my bookhaul for the month of November!



Tbh, I judge a book by it’s cover but when I searched for this book on Goodreads  it has a 3.96 rating plus it’s a sci-fi book so why not?



The title caught my eye so I bought it.  This will be one of my TBR’s for December!



Can you see that cover? I HATE IT (sorry but I’m really judgemental with covers) The reason I bought this because it’s only 10 pesos ( 0.21 dollars, yep I used google to calculate it hahaha). When I searched for this book I was really pissed that this is a book 5 from a series.



And representing my favorite purchase for november!


So that’s my November Book Haul and I’m proud to say that I bought all the books by the money I saved. ( yep my allowance is not big sooo..) I’m gonna upload my November Wrap-up today or tomorrow! 🙂




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