BOOK REVIEW: Playing For Love (ARC) by Dana Burkey


Title: Playing For Love

Author: Dana Burkey

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult

Format: Paperback

Pages: 300 pages

Published: November 1st 2015

ISBN: 1517383609


For years now, Fiona has been known by everyone at school as “Ross Mealing’s little sister.” But now, as she begins her sophomore year of high school, she is determined to be known by a new title: “Jordan Peterson’s girlfriend.” The only problem with that plan? Jordan happens to be best friends with her brother, and after this year will be moving on to college. Hoping to act like the girls Jordan has dated in the past, Fiona joins the soccer team and does her best to make Jordan see her as more than just his best friends little sister. Will Fiona’s plan work in the end? Find out now in this sweet YA contemporary romance!


*Note: Thank you Dana Burkey for sending me an ARC of Playing for Love. This does not affect my reviews. This is my opinion.*

This story is all about a girl named Fiona who is inlove with her brother’s bestfriend: Jordan. She is doing everything just to win Jordan. She changed herself to get noticed. She joined the soccer team for him.She PLANNED everything.

 I always get irritated with Fiona because she acts like an elementary student and when she always thinks: ” I MUST DO THIS TO GET NOTICED BY HIM”  so that Jordan will fall inlove with her. I know it’s normal but I don’t like her attitude, she acts like a BRAT. SPOILED BRAT. I admit I don’t like her and her bestfriends. They always expect something, and end up wrong. When they always call her “FABULOUS FIONA” it makes me cringe and irritated. However, I really like Jordan because he is so caring with Fiona. She acts like her boyfriend but for Jordan she’s just a LITTLE SISTER. Ross may act like a jerk in the beginning but later on he changed. He’s the type of brother I want, tbh. That’s what I look for every book: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

The plot was okay. I like it. Although, the progress is kind of slow. At first, I thought It’s all about romance and things like that but boy I was wrong. The story were journal entries which I like. I was not satisfied with the ending. I LOVE   like the story eventhought it’s cliche.It’s a fast paced, page turner book. If your suffering with a reading slump, I recommend this. It’s a cute and light read.



                                     out of 5 stars!


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